Discover Spring Hottest Fashion Trends and Hues for 2017

Gear up for warm weather and your new favorite outfits with the spring hottest fashion trends and hues for 2017! This season promises to a return to fun colors, great prints and boho styles that you are going to adore. Pantone Colors The Pantone colors have long been a guide to the season’s hottest colors, […]

Adding Color and Style to a Basic Little Black Dress

The basic little black dress (LBD) is a wardrobe staple. But if you’ve got the same dress or two in a rotation, wearing them over and over can get a little dull. Thankfully, adding some pizzazz to your LBD is super simple and can take your look from “been there, worn that” to chic and pulled together. […]

How to Wear Green for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring

As spring approaches, it’s time to think about updating your wardrobe. Now is the time to start adding colors back in and to spruce up the look you had all winter. Holidays offer a great opportunity to add color as well. For example, to commemorate Valentine’s Day you could go for some pink or red […]

Fabulous Ways to Wear Flowery Tops All Year Round

Flowery tops are a wardrobe staple for many women. From punchy statement pieces with large sublimated flowers to uber-feminine ditsy floral blouses, flowers are a hot closet item right now. As the seasons fade from pastel spring to warm summer and then fall into a cold winter, you may consider hanging up your floral tops […]

Transitioning from Winter Into Spring Wardrobe Essentials

With the holidays behind us, your thoughts return to dreams of warmer weather. With rising temperatures, you look forward to many things. One of the most fun items about the warmer weather includes shopping for new clothing to go along with the new season. Soon you start to update and adjust your wardrobe to prepare […]

Choosing the Perfect Semi-Casual Dresses

If you have to stick to a strict dress code for work or school, and you like to use your casual wear to express your individuality, semi-casual dresses are the way to go. If you work has a more relaxed dress code, semi-casual dresses are perfect to wear to the office for a put together […]

All About High Heels Shoes and How to Wear Them

Out of all of the shoes in the world – cute flats, sporty sneakers, comfortable boots – why do women choose to wear high heels? Sometimes, even if you have more comfortable options, high heels are the only shoes that will do. Even if you personally prefer your other options, it’s always a good idea […]

Choose Clothing Color Combinations that Suit Your Mood and Look

Do you ever stand before your closet, shoulders slumped, eyes scanning to and fro and … nothing? You realize you have absolutely nothing to wear. A closet stuffed full of clothes and the desire to wear any of them simply eludes you. How can this be? Perhaps those clearance rack steals and trendy must-haves simply […]

How to Look Fabulous in an Online Babydoll Dress

The babydoll dress regularly comes back into the spotlight as surely as fashion cycles keep turning. However, take a look around and you’ll find it is always present in one variation or another. Whether it’s worn for subtle sophistication or a bolder statement, a babydoll can work for almost any occasion. Once you grasp the […]

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