Choose Clothing Color Combinations that Suit Your Mood and Look

clothing color combinationsDo you ever stand before your closet, shoulders slumped, eyes scanning to and fro and … nothing? You realize you have absolutely nothing to wear. A closet stuffed full of clothes and the desire to wear any of them simply eludes you. How can this be? Perhaps those clearance rack steals and trendy must-haves simply do not fit you. I am not talking about the too-small, too-large, just-right clothing syndrome that accompanies too-frequent body size changes. This ill-fit is due to mood or personality and the rainbow of color choices (or lack thereof) before your eyes. Learn how to choose clothing color combinations that suit your mood and look.

The Impact of Personal Color on Your Wardrobe

Color inspires a feeling inside us. It also makes people perceive us in a certain. Discover the impact of personal color on your wardrobe.


Our best color matches are affected by the seasons in our lives or our mood of the day. For instance, while lemony yellow may look radiant on you, a stretch of life challenges may leave you looking for less vivid styling options.


Our personalities, which tend to be more stable than the mood of a particular morning, dictate color favorites. Vibrant red gets your sister noticed in a classic, striking way, but when you borrow her crimson trench, you feel more like an ostentatious tomato. The energy and passion of this bold hue may not fit the pure perfection of your color personality which a white skirt paired with a white motorcycle jacket better represents.


Finally, as we age, coloring tends to mellow, according to David Zyla, a famed stylist, and author of Color Your Style. Taking this into consideration means that colors which looked fabulous on you at 20 work less well at 40. In other words, the passage of time requires a reboot to the colors in your closet trading in bright hues for softened versions of favorite standbys.

Choosing Your Best Colors

How do you choose the best colors to stock that closet and reduce the options that do not work for you? Whether you are 25 or 55, taking the time to get to know yourself and the colors that best fit your personality brings a better return on your wardrobe investment.


Experts suggest many assessments to find the colors that look best on you.

— Seasonal Whisperings: Spring, summer, fall and winter complexions offer clues to color palettes which bring your wardrobe and look to life.

— Vein Assessment: The inside of your wrist and the blue, green or purple vein coloring present there give hints as to colors which work well for you.

— The Eyes Have It: Matching clothing to the darkest and lightest flecks of color in your iris (colored part of the eye) keeps you looking good.

— Even Cool Is Hot: Warm and cool colors look great when complementing similar skin tones.

— Tresses and Dresses: Keep your hair color in mind (particularly if strands are dyed or gray) when choosing hues.


In choosing colors which match your personality, reflect on who you are and the persona you desire to present to the world. Do you feel or want to present your friendliness and approachability? Does your day require an ample dose of creativity? Learn the meaning of colors and the message they send. For instance, pastels or greens earn you the label friendly and approachable. Reds combined with purples bring out your creative side.

Color Mixing for Fashion

While wearing monochrome color makes a statement and often creates a long, lean silhouette, finding your perfect color does not leave you to one solid option alone.

Create a Color Palette

When dressing for appearance and personality, try a few of the color-determining options above until you find your favorites. Create a palette of the hues which bring out your eyes and hair, fit your personality and more before mixing and matching the colors into outfits.

Let Pattern Take the Lead

Find a print you love that uses your identified perfect color as the main hue. Choose one or two other colors from the pattern as accents.

Go With Trendy Ombre

Ombre proves the rage in fashion and beauty. Use this inspiration to put together head-to-toe pieces in your best color for on trend fashion.

In the same way that you choose the color based on mood and personality, the hue you choose also influences you. For instance, a bright color raises your mood. Black adds a sense of power to the timid when needed for a presentation. The colors you wear impact those with whom you come into contact. Whether a lunch date, clients or the store clerk, choosing a color impacts how they react to you. For example, red may prove intimidating while blue sends a message of credibility and trust. Consider the colors that look attractive on you, those that draw out your personality or hues that give you a needed mood boost. Choosing pieces along these lines, and purging those that do not work, rounds out your wardrobe. Your dreaded morning closet stare disappears!

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