Choosing the Perfect Semi-Casual Dresses

semi casual dressesIf you have to stick to a strict dress code for work or school, and you like to use your casual wear to express your individuality, semi-casual dresses are the way to go. If you work has a more relaxed dress code, semi-casual dresses are perfect to wear to the office for a put together yet comfortable look. Not all casual dresses are created equally, and it’s important to choose one that is appropriate for the situation. Read on to learn how to choose the perfect casual dress.

What Makes a Dress Casual?

Casual dresses are usually not as fitted and lacking some of the embellishments of more formal dresses.

Material and Length

The material is often more casual, like a knit or cotton, rather than silk or organza. Casual dresses can be long, like a casual maxi dress, but they are often around mid-thigh or knee-length.

Casual Dresses based on Occasion

Are you going to be wearing your casual dress to a party, out shopping, or for work? Depending on the occasion, you’ll want to look for different qualities.


For work, choose a dress that is closer to knee-length, which is more appropriate for the workplace. Avoid dresses that have open backs, or expose too much skin. Find a casual dress that pairs well with a blazer or shawl and tights for a professional appearance.


For parties, your options become much more varied. You’re likely free to show a little more skin, so dresses that are a little bit shorter would be acceptable. The cold shoulder trend is a fun way to show a little more skin while still maintaining modesty and style. Add some fun accessories or a cute pair of heels to your casual dress to make the look party-friendly.

Daily Wear

For everyday activities like running errands, choose a casual dress that you’ll be comfortable in all day, and one that makes it easy to get in and out of the car. A T-shirt dress, for example, is a stylish and comfortable choice. Choose a dress that looks cute with a cardigan or blanket scarf thrown over it for cooler weather. Stylish tennis shoes, flats, or boots pair well with casual dresses, and these shoes keep your feet from getting sore while you’re out and about.

Choosing a Flattering Fit

Casual dresses come in many shapes, lengths, and styles which means there is something out there to flatter every body type. There are six basic shapes that most bodies fit into, including:

– Hourglass: A narrow waistline accentuated by equally proportioned hips and bust.

– Pear: A smaller waist and bust, with a broader lower section. Also known as the spoon shape.

– Top Hourglass: A well-defined waistline with hips that are smaller than the bustline.

– Oval: Slender hips and a larger bust, with most of the weight carried in the middle.

– Inverted Triangle: Broad shoulders with small hips and a less defined waistline.

– Diamond: Fullest part of the body is in the hips, with a smaller shoulder and bust line.


Accentuate your small waistline with a casual dress that is more fitted than flowy. Show off your shapely legs with a mid-thigh or knee-length dress and a pair of cute heels.


Use a dress to create proportion between your hips and bust line. Choose a dress that is mid-calf length and that accentuates the bust line to make your body appear even. If you are feeling adventurous, choose a dress that bares your shoulders to bring the attention to your neckline.

Top Hourglass

Choose a dress that draws attention to your shapely legs. A dress that is loose fitting and flowy will also help balance your larger bust with your smaller hips.


A casual, knee-length, A-line dress is perfect for oval shapes. A-line dresses accentuate your neck and chest area, while gradually tapering away from your body below the bust line, which flatters your figure.

Inverted Triangle

Try balancing your broad shoulders and narrower hips with a mini dress that has a fuller skirt. This creates the illusion of fullness in your hips while bringing attention to your great legs.


Women with diamond figures often have great arms and legs, so a sleeveless dress that accentuates your great assets and is fitted at the waist will look best with this body type.

Casual dresses are a great way to add more style to your everyday wardrobe. Thanks to the wide variety of lengths and styles, and the ability to dress the outfit up or down with accessories, shoes, jackets and tights, casual dresses can be worn for nearly every occasion. Finding the right casual dress for your body type will give you a new flattering go-to outfit you’ll love.

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