Fabulous Ways to Wear Flowery Tops All Year Round

flowery topsFlowery tops are a wardrobe staple for many women. From punchy statement pieces with large sublimated flowers to uber-feminine ditsy floral blouses, flowers are a hot closet item right now. As the seasons fade from pastel spring to warm summer and then fall into a cold winter, you may consider hanging up your floral tops until the blossoms appear next year. While your favorite winter tank might not seem like a feasible fashion option all year long, you may be surprised to learn that there are, in fact, quite a few ways to keep your florals in rotation during every season.

Styling the Seasons

Each season has its own unique styles that can easily include the upbeat flowery tops we like best.

Spring: Play it Up

Springtime brings warmer weather and lovely blossoms that transform into massive blooms before our very eyes. It’s the perfect season to embrace florals of all sorts, particularly pastels and feminine cut blouses. Pair your spring florals with lightweight cardigans and a statement necklace for a charming springtime look. Accessorize with floral headbands and belts if a full-patterned floral top is a little too much for your day look.

Summer: Bring Some Heat

The summer months bring sunny skies, long twilights and dreamy summer vacations. Use this season to your advantage by going bold with your floral prints. Incorporate tops that have striking background colors, like deep maroon and black, and let your floral prints speak for themselves. Punchy flowers like sunflowers and daisies bring a crisp, classic vibe to your summer wardrobe. Wear sleeveless tops with colored jeans while pairing with a white leather handbag and your favorite dark sunglasses.

Autumn: Fade Away

Just because fall signals the end of blooming plants and the earth settles into a quieter rhythm, that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack your florals away. Autumn colors – think mustard, rust, and browns – make great backgrounds for subtle florals. Autumn is also a lovely time to show off little floral inspired details, like embroidered boho yokes a la 1970s chic. Other flowy tops with ruffles blend nicely with blazers and wool cardigans for a feminine pop as the weather cools.

Winter: Go for Cools

Winter is the last season that you might consider for floral tops, but it is definitely not a time to retire your flowery duds! The key for wearing florals in winter is to aim for cools that blend well with pencil skirts and leggings or tunics that are multifunctional in your winter wardrobe. White background tops with navy and muted floral prints offer a romantic touch for the office or weekend. Other options include blacks, blues, and violets that stand out against your cool weather staples.

Incorporating Florals Anytime

There are some ways to use florals on a day-to-day basis, whether you’re big on floral tops or typically shy away from heavy patterns.

Layer Up

Start small with your floral collection by adding a ditsy floral tank underneath a solid colored cardigan for a small pop of pattern. Get more creative by incorporating a floral cardigan or skirt into your wardrobe, if you wish. As you add more floral pieces, you will find new ways to wear them. Break up your normal routine of solids and neutrals with a few well-placed floral pieces, and you’ll be surprised with how well they work in your regular rotation.


Accessories are another fantastic way to add floral tidbits to your wardrobe, particularly if you work in an office with a stricter dress code. Feminine flowy tops may not be the best bet underneath your typical blazer, but little pops of pattern and color can go a long way to accent your workplace wear. Floral bangles add a subtle touch and coordinate with a variety of outfits, from dresses to pantsuits. Floral shoes, too, give a little punch and make a neutral outfit completely new for a lunch meeting or conference.

Let Them Alone

While we can’t say enough that you’ll probably fall pretty hard for florals once you add a piece or two to your closet, you also want to make sure that you don’t overdo too much of a good thing. Diverse florals work well throughout the seasons. However, only one floral should be worn at a time.

Using too many floral accents can look gaudy or flashy in a negative way. Use a floral top (or any other piece) to tie your outfit together or set off the solids in your ensemble. You don’t want to clash by combining too many patterns in one outfit. Stick to our tips for styling floral tops for every season, and you’ll look forward to getting dressed up no matter the time of the year. Experiment with different colors and patterns to find the best floral tops to fit your style.

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