All About High Heels Shoes and How to Wear Them

high heels shoesOut of all of the shoes in the world – cute flats, sporty sneakers, comfortable boots – why do women choose to wear high heels? Sometimes, even if you have more comfortable options, high heels are the only shoes that will do. Even if you personally prefer your other options, it’s always a good idea to have a cute and stylish pair of high heels in your closet for those special occasions. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why women wear high heels shoes.

They Add Height

While this may seem obvious that wearing high heels makes you taller, it is the number one reason why women wear heels.

Adding Inches

Maybe you want to match the height of your date a little better, or maybe you are a bit more vertically challenged and like the extra inches. Perhaps you don’t want to pay for a tailor, but your dress is a little bit too long. Or, maybe you just like the boost of confidence that a couple of extra inches gives you. Whatever the reason you want to add height, high heels deliver.

They Spice Up Your Outfit

High heels can add a bit of formality to an otherwise casual outfit, even if you wear blue jeans or joggers. They can add a fun punch and accentuate a skirt or dress perfectly.

Inspired Outfits

Sometimes, your shoes can inspire your entire outfit. If you have to stick with a dress code, or if your outfit is otherwise plain, you can use your shoes as a point of interest for your look. If you have a pair of high heels you love to wear, it can influence your clothing choices and help cement your personal style.

They Make You Look Good

By changing your posture, elongating your legs, and forcing you to stand taller, wearing high heels helps accentuate a woman’s figure.

Air of Confidence

Additionally, wearing heels helps tone your leg muscles, and they slightly change the way you walk while giving you a confident strut that you might not have while wearing flats. High heels can draw attention from both men and women. Men will love your confident strut, and women will give you plenty of compliments about your shoes. All of these factors help give you a boost of confidence as well.

Choosing a Type of High Heel

If you’re a high heel newbie, or if you’ve been burned by stilettos in the past and are looking for something more comfortable, or if you have to choose a pair of heels for a special occasion, you might be wondering what type of heel to choose.

A Variety of Options

High heels come in a variety of heights and styles, so there is something for everyone.

– Kitten heels: These shorter heels are a great choice for someone looking for a little less height and a little more comfort. They are comfortable to walk in, and they look great with casual dresses and outfits.

– Pumps: A classic style with a closed toe, pumps are great for business wear and professional situations, and they come in a wide variety of heights.

– Rear zip heels: This shoe style often comes with an open toe and a chunkier heel, making it a great casual heel that is still easy to walk in. Dress up distressed jeans or pair it with a casual dress for a fun look.

Tips for Wearing High Heels

While they look great, and the best pairs can be worn all day and danced in all night, wearing high heels still affects your body.

How to Handle Heels

Since high heels change your posture, you might notice your back feeling tight or sore at the end of the day. You might get the same type of feeling in your calf muscles as well. To avoid the pain and negative effects of high heels, follow these tips.

– Don’t wear high heels all day, every day.

– Stretch your calf muscles before and after wearing heels.

– Stick to a lower heel height to decrease the pressure put on your spine.

– Make sure your heels fit well to avoid slipping and squeezed toes.

– Try to avoid pointed-toe heels if possible.

– Consider using insoles designed for high heel use to ease foot discomfort.

Sometimes beauty is a pain, especially when it comes to things like waxing, wearing Spanx and high heels. With so many heels available, though, you can find a pair that fits well and is much more comfortable. Heels with open toes and a wider, shorter heel can be worn much more comfortably and for a longer amount of time than the typical stiletto shoes.

If you’ve been high heel-phobic, consider adding a fun, casual pair to your wardrobe to pair with your flirty summer dresses, or even to dress up your jeans.

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