Transitioning from Winter Into Spring Wardrobe Essentials

spring wardrobe essentialsWith the holidays behind us, your thoughts return to dreams of warmer weather. With rising temperatures, you look forward to many things. One of the most fun items about the warmer weather includes shopping for new clothing to go along with the new season. Soon you start to update and adjust your wardrobe to prepare with some spring wardrobe essentials. Consider different factors when shopping for your new pieces. You want to consider fashion trends heading into the new season to make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest styles and the hottest colors for the season. Here are the areas to pay attention to and how to change your wardrobe as we head closer toward spring.

Colors and Color Trends

By the time late February hits, you’re probably sick of the boring grays and blacks of winter and you want to spice up your look with something bright. Spring presents the perfect opportunity a to add different colors back into your wardrobe rotation. You likely have pieces you missed during the winter months, but you also look at add new things. Throw in a bright color such as yellow, pink or electric green to your outfit. Instead of focusing on pastels, go bolder. Neon colors are in, and these make your outfits pop.

Go For Brighter Colors

Aside from bright colors, consider purchasing clothing along the lines of trend colors of 2017. Niagara, which is a denim-like blue, primrose yellow, and lapis blue are the top three trend colors for 2017. Close behind them are flame, which is a red-orange, island paradise, which is a cool blue, pale dogwood, greenery, which is a yellow-green, pink yarrow, kale, and hazelnut. Pink as a whole is going to be big this year.

Fashion Trends of 2017

Slogan T-shirts are big this year, and they have a feminist flare to them. Look out for these tees at just about any retailer. Find slogans such as “Free to Roam” and “Be Your Own Hero.” These T-shirts have an air of empowerment to them and are great for a more casual look. Hoodies continue to be popular. They are sportier this year instead of the street styles the last time these made a hit in the fashion world. Look for floaty dresses with sequins on store racks. One-shoulder tops and dresses are here to stay. Clothing with vibrant stripes contain elements that are big, bright and bold. Knit dresses featuring stripes should make waves as new fashions hit retailers. One interesting trend this year includes wearing robes out in real life. Stores stock robes that are more laid back as well as evening robes. These evening robes will take more of the style of a fancy dress, while still being technically a robe. These aren’t traditional robes like you would wear around the house after you take a shower.

Spring Jackets and Layers

To go along with the warming weather, you’re going to want to layer your clothing. Not only does layering keep you warm as you shed your winter jacket, it presents a way to mix and match portions of a wardrobe. Keep your lighter jackets or knits out as the weather begins to lose its bite. These plaid pieces still look great in the spring. Consider brighter colors for your spring jacket to add a pop of color when you retire that winter coat for the season.

Leggings Are Your Friend

Black leggings are a great staple to have in your wardrobe. While it’s not warm enough yet to have your bare legs out, you can still wear a shirt dress or sweater dress. Leggings keep you warm while maintaining versatility to pair with many different options. They are an ideal wardrobe option to transition your outfits into spring.

‘70s Influence

Wide-leg pants are great for spring as they are both trendy and comfortable. These maintain great for air flow as well as for styling them with high heels. They also work great with a variety of different tops.

Sunglasses and Accessories

As you peel off the hats and scarves, you can use other accessories to take their place that work well in spring. By simply adding sunglasses or jewelry, this lightens up your look. Accessories allow you to show more skin as the weather warms, and these side items showcase different stuff in your fashion arsenal as you do. Plus, they are an incredible way to add a splash of color to your wardrobe.

Shopping for different seasons can be a lot of fun. Now you know what’s hot this season and what to look for as you update your wardrobe. Spring represents a great time to lighten things up and show off bright colors as your mood lifts along with the temperatures.

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