How to Wear Green for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring

wear green for st. patrick's dayAs spring approaches, it’s time to think about updating your wardrobe. Now is the time to start adding colors back in and to spruce up the look you had all winter. Holidays offer a great opportunity to add color as well. For example, to commemorate Valentine’s Day you could go for some pink or red pieces. These are a great start, but then you can move on to greens. Green hues serve as a tribute to both upcoming spring as well as St. Patrick’s Day. There are a few different shades of green to consider. The best one for you depends on your hair color. People with green eyes can really make them pop with a complementary shade of green. The green you choose also affects how your skin tone looks. Discover how to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day and spring!

Mint Green

Mint green is a solid, rich color. Wear this hue carefully as it may overwhelm your entire outfit.

As an Accent

Most people wear mint green as an accent color because this color can be hard to wear successfully. Sometimes you come out looking like a tube of toothpaste. If you’re unsure about it, start off by wearing mint green as an accent color, such as using it in a scarf or shoes.

With Navy or Dark Turquoise.

Navy is a great color to use with mint green. Navy also looks good with all skin tones so it’s really a win-win. A dark turquoise can also work well.

With Pastel Shades or White

Some other colors to wear mint green with include pastels like powder pink, pale and beige. These colors complement each other very well and help when mixing and matching. These mixes are both tender and feminine. White blouses go well with mint short, pants or skirts. This is the easiest pairing to make and the hardest to get wrong.

All Mint

If mint green works for your skin tone and you’re comfortable doing it, go mint from head-to-toe. For this look, make sure to choose clothing that is flattering for your body type to pull this off. You’ll turn a few heads with this outfit, so own it!

With Black

If mint is too girly for you, you can combine it with black to tone it back a bit and create a contrasting look. You can mix and match pieces of each color to make a memorable look.

Shades of Green to Consider

There’s more to green than just standard green. There are many hues of green to consider if you just want to add a bit of spring colors to your wardrobe. Each type of green has a different effect, though.

Mint Green

Mint green works best for those with ash blonde, platinum or gray hair. It can also work for women with dark hair. Don’t wear olive green if you have one of those colors of hair because it will wash you out and could give you a greenish tint to your hair.

Emerald Green

Emerald green works best for women with deep brunette hair. The emerald green will make your features pop. Don’t wear Kelly green because it may yellow your skin and fragment your features.

Olive Green

Olive green works best for women who have golden brown or red hair. It will help even out your skin tone. Avoid mint green because it could gray your skin and make your hair look brassy.

Kelly Green

Kelly green is best for women with warm blonde hair. It will help you look younger as well as fresh and vibrant. Mint green isn’t a good choice for those with this color hair because it could make your hair look brassy.

Green Accessories

Accessories add a little green to your wardrobe or complete the ensemble.

Jewelry and Watches

Instead of going green with your clothing, you can do this with your jewelry or watch instead. This is a great way to accent your clothes.

Scarves, Hats, Shoes and Sunglasses

These are more great options to add a little bit of green to your wardrobe. These accessories stand out a little more compared to jewelry and watches.


You can choose any shade of green here, but mint is a great choice. Mint is definitely trendy and can look great in nail polish and eye shadow.

Reasons to Add Green to Your Wardrobe

As if you needed some reasons to add green, there are a few that give you an excuse to bring out the colors of spring.

To Be Festive

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, adding green into your wardrobe is a great idea. Not only will you be ready to go out partying on St. Patrick’s Day, but you won’t need to worry about being pinched for not wearing green. There is always that one person in a group who remembers that custom!

To Prepare for Spring

The main theme of the spring is green, so it’s a great color to represent renewed growth. Everything is in bloom and the grass is back.

To Add a Punch of Color

Green is a great way to accent the rest of your wardrobe. It will bring your winter wardrobe into the new season.

Use these tips to bring a little green into your wardrobe!

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